Wholesale leather laces

72" Chocolate Brown Laces
chocolate brown leather laces for sale in pairs or bundles of 100Dark brown leather laces for sale
Chrome-tanned cowhide lacing; each lace is 6 feet long.  Soft, nice laces.
Sold in pairs, or groups of 10 or 100.  Cross-section on these is 9/64" by 9/64".
Dark brown color that we like to call 'Chocolate' right after lunch.
Pair of Chocolate Laces  $5.00
Bundle of 10 Chocolate Laces  $18.00
Bundle of 100 Chocolate Laces $95.00

Dark Purple 72" Leather Laces
Purple leather laces for sale
Our dark purple laces are 9/64x9/64 inch square (a little over an eighth of an inch) and each lace is six feet long.
Nice, dark purple color for you Purple people out there.  You know who you are!
Pair of Laces  $5.00
Bundle of 10 Laces  $18.00
Bundle of 100 Laces $95.00
Purple leather on sale!

72" Black Laces

Chrome-tanned, drum dyed cowhide lacing in black.
Each lace is 72" in length  (the one on the right in the left photo).  Soft, nice laces.
Sold in pairs, or groups of 10 or 100
Cross-section on these is 9/64" wide by 9/64" thick
(FYI, 9/64 is just a hair over 1/8 of an inch)
Black all the way around.
Please select:
leather laces

72" Leather Laces in New Brighter Colors!
Leather boot laces, 6 feet long, bright colors
Leather boot laces, 6 feet long, bright colorsLeather boot laces, 6 feet long, bright colors for sale
All priced the same:  $5 per pair, $18 per set of ten, or $95 per 100
Colors still in stock may be purchased using the buttons below:

Blue Green
wholesale leather laces

Discount leather laces

leather laces

leather laces for sale

leather laces in aqua blue

72" Mixed Pastel Color Leather Laces
Leather boot laces, 6 feet long, pastel lacesLeather boot laces, 6 feet long
Chrome-tanned cowhide lacing; each lace is 6 feet long.  Soft, nice laces.
Sold in pairs, or groups of 10 or 100.  Cross-section on these is 9/64" by 9/64".
Random color selection - all colorful pastels.
We can send you some of this color and some of that, or all one color  - use the photo on the right above as a guide to currently available colors.
If we don't get a note from you we'll just send a mixture.
Pair of Mixed Pastel Laces  $5.00
Bundle of 10 Mixed Pastel Laces  $18.00
Bundle of 100 Mixed Pastel Laces $95.00
Please choose:


If you only want a particular color out of the pile use the buttons below:

Leather boot laces, 6 feet long, blue
Ice Blue 72" laces 


Leather boot laces, 6 feet long, lavender
Pale Pink (OK, so it's Lavender)  72" laces 

FAX your order to (207)782-7448 FAX!!
This is our FAX number, but we seem to get about ten calls a day on that line.
Some people just enjoy that beeping sound, apparently.

Any questions?  Send an e-mail

20 or 24-Inch White Alum Tanned Leather Laces
Alum tanned lacesWhite leather shoe laces
White alum-tanned laces sold per bundle of 100.  These are either 20" or 24" long and 1/8" by 1/8".  White color looks a little gray actually, not a vivid white.
A bundle of 100 of the 20" laces is $18.00; a bundle of the 24-inch laces is $20, and this includes shipping if you're someplace in the USA.  Also available per 1000.
White leather laces
White 20" Laces  $10.00 per 100
or get 1,000 of these 20" laces (10 bundles) for $80
Please choose:

White 24" Laces  $12.00 per 100
or get 1,000 of these 24" laces (10 bundles) for $100
Please choose:

You can also print out our order form and mail it in with a check or fax it to (207)782-7448 FAX ONLY

Round Leather Laces
Dark brown round leather lacesClose up photo of dark brown round leather laces
Dark brown round leather laces are made right here in the USA.  Each lace is 32" long, and the diameter is 3.2mm (about 1/8 of an inch).
Sold per pair, per 10, or per bundle of 100 laces.
Your choice

We also have ONE BUNDLE of 72" long round dark brown laces available:
Round leather lacing in dark brown for saleRound leather lacing in dark brown for sale
One bundle, 100 laces, dark brown, round laces.  Each lace is 72 inches (6 feet) long.
$145.00, USA shipping included

Synthetic Leather Lacing:  11 inches long each
very strong leather laces for sale
Synthetic or artificial leather laces are a medium brown color, lighter on the edges, and have two nylon cords running through them for added strength.
They look and feel like leather but don't stretch and are very, very strong.  Bundles of 100 of these are $20 each, USA shipping included.

100-Yard Spools of 3/16" Wide Leather Lace
Leather lacing on a spoolleather flat lacing
Spools of lacing made from chrome-tanned cowhide leather, a bit soft, 3/16" wide, about 1/16" thick.
These have glued seams every so often, just because cows aren't 100 yards long.
Available in the colors shown in the drop-down menu.
$50 per spool, USA shipping included (even AK and HI).
Available in the color shown only - Dark Cherry.

All Prices Include 48-state USA Shipping! AK and HI are just a little more - send an e-mail to inquire.
Or click here for more shipping information - APOs, International Shipping, Express, Overnight, etc.

Take a look at our ACCESSORIES AND PARTS page to get your hands on snaps, buckles, D-Rings, brass eyelets, and other leather craft accessories at very low cost.

You Have Several Choices: Mail, Fax, or Online Shopping Cart

We've tried to make this as easy as possible.  Print out this order form and send it up with a check or with your credit card info (number and expiration date).
Can't print the form?  No problem, just write your order down on a piece of paper and mail it in, fax it in, or call it in.  You can order leather pieces, laces, buckles, etc all on one form or piece of paper, just add it all up.
Don't forget your shipping address (no P.O. Boxes, please, unless your order is going to weigh less than two pounds).  We'll get your order out as soon as possible.
All prices on our site include shipping charges for locations within the 48 states, and, at Brettuns Village, we do not charge for handling your order.  Just doesn't seem fair!
Brettuns Village Leather
557 Lincoln St
Lewiston, ME 04240
Phone:  1-877-LEATHAH Toll Free
Fax: (207)782-7448

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