Many sizes of d-rings for collars or belts or strapsD Rings for sale
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1" Brass-Plated Steel D-Rings
brass D-rings1 inch d rings
These are brass-plated steel d-rings made to fit on 1-inch straps.  They are open-eyed, which means they aren't welded shut,
so if you apply a lot of side-to-side pressure on these in your bungee-jumping harness you'll be meeting the pavement up close and personal.
The metal is about 1/8" in diameter, which is pretty heavy duty, so it takes quite a bit of pressure to open these up.  In other words, they're very good quality d-rings.
 1" D-Rings  RNG105
Pack of 10 for $5
Pack of 50 for $10
Pack of 100 for $18
Box of 1000 for $150
Case of 4,000 for $250

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brass rectangular rings for belts
Lightweight rectangles work well as belt keepers or in any other application that requires a rectangular brass-plated steel lightweight ring.
Whatever that may be.  Can handle a strap that's 1-1/8" to 1-3/16" wide.  Sold per 10, 100, or 1000, with free USA shipping.
10 Rectangular Rings  $5.00
100 Rectangular Rings  $20.00
1000 Rectangular Rings  $100.00
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OK, so you're thinking 'I can get a thousand of these little buggers for $100, that's 10 cents a piece.  Big deal.
Don't forget that we include USA shipping, handling, overhead, underhead, and That Dog's advertising royalties in this.
You don't pay another red cent.

New D-Ring Shipment!
small d-rings for sale
All of these are sold in packs of 50.  Just scroll down to find the style you want.

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brass plated d ring
Fits straps that are 1" wide
Welded eye, brass plated steel (gold color)
These rings have black smudges on them here and there.
Pack of 50  $15.00 USA shipping included

brass one inch d rings for salesturdy one inch d rings for sale
Brass plated steel heavy duty d-rings sized for one inch straps/belts.
Good quality, welded eye rings are sold in packs of 10.
Pack of 10, $10.00  USA shipping included
dee rings for sale

Fits straps that are 1/2" to 5/8" wide
Welded eye, nickel plated steel (silver color)
Pack of 10 (TEN!)  $6.00 USA shipping included
d-rings wholesale

d ring for 3/8 inch straps
Fits straps that are 3/8" wide
Non-Welded eye, Nickel plated steel (silver color)
Pack of 50  $10.00 USA shipping included

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