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Updated March 24, 2015

Black Garment Sheep Hides - Tannery Culls
smoke tan deer hides for saleblack garment sheep leather for saleBlack garment leather hides on sale
Our latest shipment of sheep is this nice garment-grade sheep leather, but each hide has a bug bite or some other blemish on it someplace.
Chrome tanned, struck through, and milled for softness.  Hides run about 5 sq ft and have the surface grain pattern you see in the photos.
Thickness is about 3 oz, or less than 1/16"  Black Sheep Hides  $25 each or 5 hides for $100, USA shipping included.
Only need a little?  We have some 3 sq ft hides for $20 each, USA shipping included.
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Sheep leather hides on sale

Dark Green Corduroy Kidskin Hides
green kidskins for salekid skin leather hides for sale
Yes, they called him the Corduroy Kid.  Legend has it that he wandered the land, chewing on grass and making goat sounds here and there.
Nobody feared him.  They just wondered how he got to be so green and so corrugated.  As you might expect, he was ridiculed because
he couldn't help but make noise when he walked.  Poor little fella.  These little kidskins are soft and
run about 2 sq ft on average and are 2.5 oz in thickness (1.0mm).  $20 each, USA shipping included.

Deer Tanned Gold Sheep Hides
smoke tan deer hides for saleNatural looking leather hides on sale
Our new Gold Sheep hides look like brain tanned deer, very useful for crafts, re-enactment stuff, and poofy pirate shirts.
Nice gold color is struck through, and the leather is very soft.  Great for garments or soft pouches and the like.
Hides run about 5 sq ft on average and are 2 oz in thickness (0.8mm).  $25 each or 5 hides for $100, USA shipping included.
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Embossed Black Sheep Hides
TWO Patterns In Stock!
Black sheep leather hides

Western pattern Black sheep leather hidesBlack sheep leather hides
You've got your western pattern (has roundish shapes about the size of your hand along with all that fancy western stuff)

Floral embossed sheep leatherBlack sheep leather with a floral pattern
And you've got your floral pattern.  It's sort of paisley meets over grown garden, see?

Black sheep hides embossed in patterns as shown above, sold in two sizes:  5-7 sq ft and/or 7-10 sq ft.
Thickness is 2.3/3 oz (less than a sixteenth of an inch) and will sew on most home machines easily.
Struck through blacker than a Maine January midnight, soft enough to be comfortable to wear,
yet sturdy enough to work well as a liner or book cover too.
The larger hides (over 7 sq ft) are $40 each, USA shipping included.
The smaller hides (under 7 sq ft) are $30 each, USA shipping included.

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Tanned Carp Skins
fish leather skins for saletanned fish skins, fish leather for saletextured leather hides on sale
Fish leather?  Yup.  You got it, Chester.  Fish get skinned, but why throw the skins away?  Tan 'em.  Color 'em.  Finish 'em.  Sell 'em.
Tanned in Canada, available from us up here in Maine by the skin.  Each carp skin is about 18 inches long and 4 inches wide.
$12 each, USA shipping included, or get 6 of them for $50 flat.  Dyed a nice, dark black, and get this - no fishy odor!
Lots of texture from the 'scale pockets' and the leather feels soft - great for use on garments or on any item that needs more texture.
Your choice

Thin White Tail Deer Hides
Very thin deer leatherthin deer leather
Deer skiver leatherDeer leather
These are skivers that were cut from chrome tanned white tail deer hides.  This is USA deer leather.  Chrome tanned, dyed white
(dye penetrates all the way through the leather), but they look a little off-white to very light grayish in color.
The leather thickness ranges from 1 to 3 oz (1/64" to a little under 1/16 of an inch). Very, very soft.  How soft?
Like an old t-shirt that you can't throw away because it still has that stain on it from that Kansas concert at the Hollywood Sportatorium.  It's special.
We're selling this leather by the pound - see the bottom right photo?  It shows one pound of pieces on our layout table (one-foot squares)
USA shipping is INCLUDED in our prices - nothing else to add!
Deer Skiver  1 pound for $20  or get 10 pounds  for $100

Small Cowhide Leather Craft Panels, Sold in Sets of Three
Leather pieces for crafts
What's we're selling here are sets of three leather panels from one of the USA's best tanners.
These panels run between 1 and 2 sq ft of surface area, drum dyed and embossed with a haircell (very fine grain) texture.  Regular temper - not too soft, not too stiff.
Thickness is 2.75-3 oz, or less than 1/16 of an inch.  Good leather for making wallets, cases, or accessories.
$25 flat gives you three of these panels, 50-state shipping included, and this same price applies to our customers in AK, HI, PR, GU, etc.
If you'd like 3 different colors or 2 of these and one of that just drop us an e-mail ( or include a note with your shopping cart
Black leather hides
Black Craft Panels, 3 for $25,
USA shipping included

Mocha leather hides
Mocha Craft Panels, 3 for $25, 
USA shipping included

Off-White leather hides
Bone Craft Panels, 3 for $25, 
USA shipping included

Wholesale leather hides

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