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Waxed Polyester - typically used by handsewers.
Tapered ends for easy threading.  These are sold by the gross (144 threads).
Our prices include shipping costs within the USA.

Available in the colors listed below.  Sold per gross (144 threads per bundle)
Each bundle contains one gross - that's 144 threads. These are waxed so that they glide through leather more easily.  They're tougher than you'd think - very strong.
These are typically used here in Maine for handsewing leather boat-style shoes.  They have a million uses, including stitching leather (no kidding), stringing beads, whipping the ends of rope, and on and on.
Priced to move out of here by the gross; and, as always on our web site, shipping to any address in the USA is included in the prices shown below (including AK and HI).
We offer one-gross lots of waxed handsewing threads in Black, Chestnut (dark brown), Tan, or White.
White hand sewing thread for leatherWaxed thread for stitching leather for sale wholesalecraft thread on sale free USA shipping
tan thread for leather craftswaxed polyester hand sewing thread for saledark brown waxed thread for sale
sewing thread for sale with free USA shippingsewing thread for sale with free USA shipping
ALL Threads are sold per gross (144 threads), with USA shipping included in the price.
We have four colors available in 4 sizes each - measured by working length of each thread in the bundle.
You can choose Black, Chestnut, Tan, or White, in 30", 48", 60", 72", or 96".

Your choice

Your choice

Your choice

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sewing thread for sale with free USA shipping

Other Waxed Handsewing Thread Colors:
All 48" Long per Thread
many colors of hand sewing thread available for salenavy blue hand sewing thread for sale, waxed thread on sale
Just like the hand sewing threads above, these are waxed polyester, all in pre-cut lengths of 48inches per thread.  Heavy duty, great for hand stitching.
Choose blue, gray, navy, or mocha, all sold per gross for $16, and this price includes shipping to any address served by the USPS.
Your choice

You can also print out our order form and mail or fax it in

Small Spools for Handsewing
or for reloading your Easy Stitcher

A few varieties of small spools to help you get through your project
Hand sewing thread for leather
Waxed Cotton Thread on Small Spools, Sold in Pairs
Each spool contains about 25 yards of heavy cotton thread, waxed to help it glide through the leather.
We use the word 'glide' because after you almost shatter your wrists pushing a needle
through that cowhide you need something to go a little easier in your life.
This is heavy thread and will last a long time.  Sold 2 spools per pack, or in boxes of 20 spools, or per 100 spools.
All prices include USA shipping, AK and HI included.  Dark Brown, Tan, Chocolate, White, Burgundy, Black, and Natural.
2 Spools for $8.00, USA shipping included.

waxed thread spools

We also sell 20 spool bags for $45.  If you'd like 20 spools in any one color please use this list:

Please choose:
leather thread for sale

Rather have a mixture of colors?  We can take care of that for you.
Colors will be as shown in the photos above - that's all we have available!
Mixed lot of 20 spools  $45  USA shipping INCLUDED!
Mixed lot of 100 spools  $175  USA shipping INCLUDED!

Please choose:

Small Spools of Dark Brown Dacron Thread
Dacron thread for leather sewing for sale
Sometimes you only need a small spool of thread to finish your project, and this is just the spool for the job.  Dark Brown Dacron thread is size 69
(common for a lot of leather work), and each one of these spools contains a couple of hundred yards of thread (not sure exactly).
Excellent quality, very little stretch, and easy to work with.
Dark Brown Dacron Small Spools  $5 each (includes USA shipping)
Or get 50 of these spools for $125   (includes USA shipping)
Please choose:

Pumpkin Yellow Thread
Leather craft thread for saleleather craft thread for sale with free shipping
These small spools of heavy duty thread contain about 50 yards of size 415 nylon thread, often used as bobbins in littleway machines  (Q: what's a littleway?  A: Not a lot!  Rimshot - I'm here all week)
Great for handsewing, nice light yellow color.
Pumpkin Yellow Small Spools  $5 each (includes USA shipping)

Tan Dacron Thread Style 59
Dacron thread for sale
Each of these spools contains about 100 feet of tan dacron thread, thick and strong.  The box says it's Style 59, S/554, T600, whatever that means.
Nice color, thick and sturdy, great for small projects.  Unwaxed.
Tan Dacron Small Spools, $5 each
or get 50 spools for $65
Please choose:

White Nylon Thread
Hand sewing thread for leather
50-yard spools of white nylon thread are strong and bright, like American school children.
Size 138, which is twice as big as size 69 and half as big as 256, we guess.  Unwaxed.
White Nylon Small Spools, $5 each
or get 50 spools for $65
Please choose:

You can also print out our order form and mail it in with a check or fax it in

Leather sewing kits for saleleather sewing tools for sale
The Speedy Stitcher

All in one leather sewing kits for saleLeather stitching tool for sale
Speedy Stitcher Kit, with extra needles and coarse thread

Waxed thread for leather stitching on saleLeather sewing needles for sale
We also sell large and small spools of fine or coarse thread, and extra needles (large curved, large straight, small straight)

Made by Stewart Manufacturing right here in the USA, the Speedy Stitcher has been around for decades.  Easy to use, and allows a crafter to make very professional looking stitches
on your leather craft projects.  This thing is pure genius - the handle holds a small spool of waxed thread, and the instruction pamphlet will guide you through your first few stitches -
after that, you're an expert!  We sell just the Speedy Stitcher (which comes with 2 extra needles and a starter spool of thread), or a kit that has the Stitcher/needles/starter thread,
all three needles and a 180 yard tube of coarse thread.  We also sell extra needles and extra thread.  Instruction pamphlet included with the Stitcher or the Kit.


You can also print out our order form and mail it in with a check, or fax it in to (207)782-7448
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Or click here for more shipping information - APOs, International Shipping, Express, Overnight, etc.

Take a look at our ACCESSORIES AND PARTS page to get your hands on snaps, buckles, D-Rings, brass eyelets, and other leather craft accessories at very low cost.

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one form or piece of paper, just add it all up.  Don't forget your shipping address (no P.O. Boxes, please, unless your order is going to weigh less than two pounds).
We'll get your order out as soon as possible.  All prices on our site include shipping charges for locations within the 48 states, and, at Brettuns Village, we do not charge for handling your order.  Just doesn't seem fair!
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