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What's in Mimi's Attic is where Proprietor Mary Louise Churchill Barton sells the things she's gathered during her stay on this planet.
Antiques, collectibles, home decor - a little bit of this, a little bit of that.  All prices include shipping to most USA locations.
Items are described to the best of our abilities - we want you to know what you're buying.

Large Oak Clamp

When you need to clamp this to that, or the other part to that thing over there, this may come in handy.  This is a long wood worker's clamp, made of oak, with a wood spindle for adjusting.  As you can see, the end of the spindle is broken, but the clamp still clamps, and it looks pretty good just sitting in the corner.
Measures 48 inches long, and the oak bar is 1-1/8" thick by 2-1/8" wide.  This clamp weighs a little under six pounds.

Item Number MA2006-104

Price (USA shipping included):  $60

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