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July 30, 2009
28 hours without rain - a new record this summer.  Itís looking like we may have just run through our best stretch of summer weather for
the year.  Just great. Luckily, we were able to take advantage of it by going, or being, uptacamp.  This is short for Ďat our cabin on the
pondí Ė and that would be Brettuns Pond.  In Maine, when you head to your summer place, youíre not going to the lake, not heading up to the
cabin, not driving upcountry for a few days at the second home, youíre just plain up to camp. Uptacamp.  More importantly, itís not just a
place Ė itís a whole change of lifestyle, a re-arrangement of priorities, a shift into neutral, and it carries with it a pile of
regulations and lifestyle codes, such as wearing shorts and flip-flops, wearing the same t-shirt for 3 days in a row (on account
of you almost always have it hanging on a tree limb because youíre either swimming or drying off from swimming or heading out for more
swimming), and eating something or other from the time you get up until you collapse late at night after paddling out to the middle of
the pond and watching the stars for a while.  Thatís uptacamp. All that and killing spiders too.

So, we made it uptacamp for a few nights, and we liked it so much weíre heading back up there next week. As a result, itíll be tough to
catch us on the phone (as if itís easy now), but weíll be checking the e-mails in between grilling out and killing another spider.  Iím sure
itíll continue raining the entire time, but weíll be at camp so what difference does it make?

New leather Ė we got in two nice shipments this week:  First is a nice, soft side leather in black, struck through, large sides running
about 4 oz in thickness.  This one is called Black Butter, because thatís what it feels like and thatís how it cuts.  Itís buttery, but
donít put this on toast, not even at camp.

Next is a very nice, rustic reddish brown side leather in 5.5 oz, known to the tannery as Red River.  Nice leather, great for footwear,
quivers, etc, and the sides are all over 22 sq ft.  This is nice leather right here, Jackson.

The Weekly Deal, in case you got busy trying to figure out how to move all this extra rain weíre enjoying in Maine down to some of those
rather dusty zones like, oh, for example, Texas, is a good one this week.  Full hides in a nice, dark taupe color, tanned by Spinneybeck
in Italy, for $100 flat, with free shipping to each and every one of our customers in the 48 contabulous states.  Might be worth a look if
you have a use for nice full hides in that color.

I want to point out that being uptacamp in Maine is a little different than heading over to Lake Logan Martin outside of Birmingham or Lake
Conroe just north of Houston.  Those are great lakes, and whatís nice about them is that your swimming suit becomes the exact same color as
the lake water after youíve been swimming for about 10 minutes, so then youíve got this great souvenir of your outing, and it wonít wash
out Ė itís a permanent reminder of the water color.  We donít get that sort of cool benefit here in Maine.  If you take a canoe out in
Brettuns Pond you can see the pebbles on the bottom in places where the water is 15 feet deep.  The darned water is so clear your swimming
suit never gets discolored.  If you scuba dive or snorkel, once youíre down under you can see 60, 70, or 80 feet in any direction.  This
takes all the fun out of swimming, as you almost never swim straight into a sunken tree or big rock, so you donít have those cool battle
scars to show your friends and co-workers.  How dull.  OK, so you get the idea Ė the water is clear. Great, weíve got it good here. Well,
to be honest the waterís also cold enough to kill you in about 10 minutes, so our kayakers all look like lost crew members from
Deadliest Catch, sporting the latest in survival suits.  Swim for a few minutes and I swear you can hear Sig screaming about the crab
count. Maybe thatís just the early symptoms of hypothermia.  Beats me.

OK, so feel free to order yourself into a frenzy next week Ė weíll get it shipped the week after, and donít forget to check out the new BV
hats that we have on the site. Theyíre hideous!

Maine Swamp Station out-

Churchill Barton
Human Rain Gauge
Auburn, Maine

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