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How to Contact the Social Misfits at

Our Mailing Address:
Brettuns Village, Inc.
557 Lincoln St
Lewiston, ME 04240
We are open to the public TWO HOURS per month only!
Click here for the schedule

Our Phone Number is 1(207)782-7863

Our Toll Free Line for ORDERS ONLY is 1-844-492-4930


Our Fax Machine number: 1(207)782-7448 FAX ONLY


Before you send us an e-mail, please read these important reminders:

Feel free to e-mail photos of your trunk - pictures are much better than typed-out descriptions. Our only requirement is that we ask you to PLEASE send JUST ONE photo showing the front of your trunk.  If we need more we'll ask you to send them.  Just one, please!

If you're e-mailing with questions about your trunk refinishing project, please understand if it takes us some time before responding.  On average we answer about 200 e-mail inquiries every week, most from paying customers.  If you just need info we're glad to help, we just ask that you stay flexible about how long we take to answer.

Want to know how much your trunk is worth?  See this page for our now-discontinued appraisal service - but there are some tips on how to ballpark the value.

Want to know exactly who made your trunk, and where the shop was, and what size pants the guy was wearing when he made it?  Can't tell you.  If you can't find a label or other identifying mark on the trunk when it's right there in front of you how are we supposed to find it when we're way the heck up here in Maine?  Bottom line - no label or identifying marks, then your guess is as good as ours as to who made it.

So now that you've made it this far, click here to send us e-mail

Or just use