An Original Vanderman Storage Box!
1800s Document Box for sale1800s Document Box for sale
1800s Document Box for sale1800s Document Box for sale1800s Document Box for sale
1800s Document Box for sale1800s Document Box for sale
A lot of folks seem to believe that Vanderman made strong boxes like this just for lugging around gold bars.  Speak to the heirs of the company's founders and you
find that most of their strong (read: sturdy) boxes were made to serve as tool boxes.  OK, fine, once it's your box you can tell the one about how Butch Cassidy dropped this on his
toe and got so mad he took a swing at Robert Redford or whatever.  It's a cool old Vanderman box, small size (26" by 15" by 16" tall), and it needs a lot of work.  The metal is rusty, but still strong; the wood (oak) slats are
really worn down, and some of them are missing completely.  You've got some work to do, and, when you're done, I hope your neighbor doesn't walk over and casually ask,
"Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?"
T-450  Sold As-Is, no returns
(includes UPS ground shipping to any location in the 48 contiguous United States - nothing else to pay)

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