Deal of the Week! Going Back to the 70s! FOUR great leather crafting choices, $70 each, Free USA Shipping!



Deal of the Week for September 15 thru September 22, 2021: We’ve got some options for your viewing pleasure this week; heading back in time to the 70s, when these Deal of the Week prices were just about spot on:


Two sides of black garment leather, second quality culls (a hole somewhere) 18-20 sq ft, 2.5 oz or 1.0mm, free USA shipping:  $70


20 pounds of lightweight cowhide leather garment scrap pieces, mix of colors, all thin and soft. free 48-state USA shipping:  $70


Set of TEN off-white garment grade lamb skins, with lots of holes in them (no kidding), free USA shipping:  $70


200 black leather laces, 9/64″ square, each lace is 30 inches long, free USA shipping:  $70


And for you trunk knockers out there, our Trunk DOTW is for two of our veg tan strap handles TH-26, free USA shipping:  $10!