Updated August 18, 2021


FOUR great leather crafting choices, $70 each, Free USA Shipping!

Deal of the Week! Going Back to the 70s! FOUR great leather crafting choices, $70 each, Free USA Shipping!

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Deal of the Week for September 15 thru September 22, 2021: We’ve got some options for your viewing pleasure this week; heading back in time to the 70s, when these Deal of the Week prices were just about spot on:


Two sides of black garment leather, second quality culls (a hole somewhere) 18-20 sq ft, 2.5 oz or 1.0mm, free USA shipping:  $70


20 pounds of lightweight cowhide leather garment scrap pieces, mix of colors, all thin and soft. free 48-state USA shipping:  $70


Set of TEN off-white garment grade lamb skins, with lots of holes in them (no kidding), free USA shipping:  $70


200 black leather laces, 9/64″ square, each lace is 30 inches long, free USA shipping:  $70


And for you trunk knockers out there, our Trunk DOTW is for two of our veg tan strap handles TH-26, free USA shipping:  $10!

leather crafting starter tool kit

The BV Beginner's Leather Crafts Tool Kit - Everything You Need to Get Started in Leather Work

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Here’s a set of tools that’ll get you started down the path of all those leather crafters who have trod this path afore ye.  We put together the basics, added some thread, so here you go – get after it.  Kit includes good scissors for cutting up to mid-weight leathers, an awl for making stitching holes, set of hand sewing needles, a rotary hole puncher, and 5 mixed spools of waxed cotton thread that Charlie says is almost strong enough to tow a truck out of the ditch down by the Androscoggin River.  We’ll let him test that out.  Add up these tools on our site and you get to $40, but the kit puts $5 back in your pocket – all 5 items for a flat $35, USA shipping included.