Smooth Bark Dark Brown USA Cattlehide Double Shoulders


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Smooth Bark is a new addition to the line-up here at BV in Maine. Smooth surface, regular temper, 6 oz in thickness (2.5mm), and rather nice looking. Chrome tanned double shoulders are from USA cattle and run in two size categories: Large = 18-21 sq ft, Medium = 14-17 sq ft. With regular temper this Smooth Bark leather is good for stand-up bags, quivers, cases, boot tops, desk top, or wrapping around a beer can, among other uses.
Smooth Bark Double Shoulders:  Large hides are $100 each, Medium Hides are $85 each, and, in case you hadn’t run across this about 47 gazillion times on this site, 48-state USA shipping is included. Free shipping in the contiguous USA. Got it?