Rattle Snake Skins from Oklahoma, Ready for Your Projectsssssssssss (get it?)


There’s a gentleman in Oklahoma who, in his free time, walks around open land kicking stumps and turning over rocks to see if there just might be a rattle snake hiding there.  A clunk on the noggin and poof, next thing you know, we’ve got rattle snake skins to sell.  These are all in the 32 to 36 inch range, glycerin tanned, so they’re ready to be put to use for your hat band, belt, or accent piece projects.  Our rattle snake skins are $40 each, with free USA shipping.  This batch has NO RATTLES ATTACHED.  Sorry – didn’t mean to holler.

Charlie in our warehouse thinks it’s fun to sidle up behind someone who’s handling one of these skins and go “BUZZZZZZZZ” but we haven’t seen this activity result in too many happy, smiling, nor friendly faces.