Rattle Snake Skins from Texas; these have RATTLES on them!


Our Texas rattlesnake skins are available in three sizes:  small skins are 20 to 23 inches long.  Medium skins are 30-32 inches.  Large are 35 inches plus (none longer than about 37 inches).  These are glycerine tanned, don’t stink, and are ready to be put to use in your crafts.  Small skins are $35 each; mediums are $40 each, and Large skins are $45 each, and these prices include shipping to any USA address.  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry.  Our bad.  Remember way back we were told how to give first aid to snake bite victims?  What butchers we were back then:  hack the skin with your Scout knife, suck out the poison and spit it on the ground, repeat – OK, sure, it saved some lives, apparently, but gee whiz, come on.