THE BIG SCRAPS: Taupe Garment/Upholstery Leather GIANT Pieces

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This is a very good grade of whole hide upholstery/garment leather in taupe, very large pieces that we’re selling by the pound.  Surface has a pebble grain as shown in the photos.  Thickness is 3-3.25 oz or 1.2 to 1.3 mm, and this is a mellow temper leather (soft).  The pieces you’ll receive will be between 4 and 20 square feet.  Sold in 5 or 10 pound boxes, and our prices include shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States. The 5 pound boxes also ship free to everyone else who gets mail delivered by USPS, like PR, HI, AK, GU, USVI – you know who you are!  5 pounds of Taupe Leather: $50 and you’ll receive about 25 square feet of total surface area.  10 pounds will set you back $85 and you’ll receive about 50 sq ft.  Got it?  Fab.  This leather has been stored for about a year and each panel/piece has been folded.  Lay it flat when you receive it, tug at it, look at it sternly, and it’ll fall in line with expectations.  Roger that.