Hair On Sheep Hides, aka Shearling or cropped sheep hides, soft and furry


A few of us here in the BV Worldwide HQ Complex have a genuine affinity toward items like this.  Ok so it’s nice, soft sheep hide, but would you just look at it?  It’s got HAIR on it.  Sheesh.  How’d they get so lucky?  Here we sit, a few of us, hairless.  Too much stress managing our online empire is all we can figure.  At any rate, Agnes, what we’ve got right here are hair-on sheep.  We’re not calling it shearling because it doesn’t appear to have been cropped – not recently anyway.  Still, the fur seems to be a uniform 3/4 of an inch thick across each hide.  Feels nice, looks nice, smells nice.  These run about 5 square feet of surface area on average, and we have them priced at $50 each, or get THREE FOR $125 or FIVE FOR $200, with 48-state USA shipping included in these prices. These have not been dyed – this is their natural  color after the chromium tanning process.  Warehouse Guy (that’s what his business card says) Charlie keeps asking these furs how they’re feeling today and then he says, in his made-up comical voice, “thanks for asking – not baaaaaaaaaad” and then he almost trips over the forklift because he’s laughing so hard.  Think twice before hiring your own cousin.