Hair-On Hides and Furs

Updated January 16, 2019

Hair-On Steer Sides, Spotted Pattern

hair on cowhides for sale cowhide with hair
 for salehair on USA cattle hides for sale
Lines on the Table are Square Feet
USA Steer sides that were shipped to Italy for proper hair-on tanning, and these were further enhanced with a mottled brown pattern that makes one remember how cool Little Joe's horse looked.
You'll need to be of a certain age to understand that. Chromium tanned sides, large, all in the 28 to 30 square foot range. These are heavy sides, about 8 oz leather under the hair. They have natural range markings like scratches or brands.
Smell fresh and leathery, ready to toss on the couch or put it on one of your more drab-colored steers to light up his life a bit.  $125 each, USA shipping included (AK, HI, PR, Territories - hides will be folded to fit in USPS boxes).


Mink Tails - Dark Brown or Black

mink fur for salemink tails for sale
Super soft mink tails are available in dark brown or black.
These run about 8-10 inches long each and are about as big around as your thumb.
$10 each or get 10 for $65, USA shipping included.
Your choice

Raccoon Tails - Nice and Fluffy!

Racoon Tails, FurRacoon Tails, Fur tails for sale free shipping
Large raccoon tails have excellent hair and average 10-14 inches in length.  The base of the tail has a nice piece of hide still attached which makes it easy to stitch these onto, well,
let's see what we can think up this time around - how about taping one to the cat and then letting Old Blue out of his kennel?
Or just hang it from the rear view mirror.  Your friends will be impressed.  Possibly.
Prices include USA shipping and you know we never charge handling or packing fees or any of that rubbish.

Rather mail us a check?  You can print out our order form and mail or fax in your order

Furry Coyote Faces

coyote furs for salecoyote furs for sale
These USA coyote faces are left over from coat making.  Nicely chrome tanned, ready to be put to use.  Some parts of these faces, such as the nose and lips, are firm to the touch.
The ears are firm too. The rest of the leather is reasonable soft.  These have the ears, lips, and noses intact, eyeholes are clean, fur is nice and soft.  Average measurements are about
8 inches wide by 8 inches long.  Coyote faces  $10.00 each or get 10 for $75.00, shipping included to any USA location

Skunk Furs

badger furs for sale
Lines on the Table are Square Feet
USA Skunk furs that were trapped, dressed, and tanned in the 1980s,
discovered by our guys during a warehouse clean out.
Very nice furs, ready to use.  $85 each, USA shipping included.

Shearling Panels

Cropped to 1/2" hair length, these sheep shearling panels may be enough for your project
Each panel measures about 8-1/4" by 11-1/2"  $20 each, USA shipping included.  Soft?  Hoooeeey, yes. Sold out of Natural.