Medium Brown or Dark Brown 6 oz Latigo Rectangles; Sold one at a time or in Sets

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We have lots of these rectangles, left over from manufacturing rustic desk top stuff.  Choose Medium Brown or Dark Brown true latigo (tanned twice – in veg and chromium) is weather resistant, sturdy, and thick at 6 to 7 ounces (2.4-2.8mm).  We received over 1000 pounds of these rectangles, varying in size from 1.25″ by 8″ up to 4″ by 15″ and we’re selling them individually or in sets.  Get ten pieces for $24 flat, or 100 pieces for $180, and USA shipping is free.  Only need one?  Sure, we can do that too.  We’ll make sure it’s at least 3″ by 12″ and we’ll hit your retirement fund for $10 flat, USA shipping included.