Golden Brown or Dark Brown 6 oz Latigo Rectangles; Sold in Sets

Quantity of Rectangles

We have lots of these rectangles, left over from manufacturing rustic desk top stuff.  Choose Medium Brown or Dark Brown true latigo (tanned twice – in veg and chromium) is weather resistant, sturdy, and thick at 6 to 7 ounces (2.4-2.8mm).  We received over 1000 pounds of these rectangles, varying in size from 1.25″ by 8″ up to 4″ by 15″ and we’re selling them in groups.  Get ten pieces for $24 flat, or 100 pieces for $180, and USA shipping is free.  Only need one?  Sure, we can do that too.  We’ll make sure it’s at least 3″ by 12″ and we’ll hit your retirement fund for $10 flat, USA shipping included.