RVT110: 1/4 Inch Brass Plated Steel Truss Head Rivets in Packs of 100 for $8 FLAT: FREE USA Shipping


This is our Part Number RVT-110.  It’s a 1/4 Inch brass plated steel truss head rivet that we sell in packs of 100 for $8 FLAT with FREE USA Shipping.  Commonly used in metal work, truss head rivets have a very flat appearance once set.  Tubular rivet, set with a heavy duty splash tool or hydraulic press as this rivet has a thick sidewall.   They do not set well with hand tools.  Head diameter is 5/16″  These are OLD STOCK from a factory clean out and have lots of old grime and schmootz on them.  Gives them that battle worn look, we think.