BLACK Thick Belting Leather Scrap Pieces sold by the pound, free USA shipping!


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This is nice veg tan/chrome re-tanned belting cowhide, tanned and finished right here in the USA. Thickness is about 8/9 oz, which is about the same as 1/8 of an inch. Single layers of this leather were being used to make police and military belts. Scrap pieces are generally quite large (for scrap) and very clean. Black on the surface, and some pieces are solid color, while others are tan on the edges and underside. Sold out of brown.

Ten pound boxes are priced at $60 flat, 48-state USA shipping included. In the pull-down menu below we also give you the option to purchase 5 pounds for $40.

Great leather for making handles or shorter straps, sheaths, etc. Black only – brown will be back in stock some day –

Lately this scrap has been looking like this: