One Inch Wide Chocolate Brown Leather Strapping or Stripping but not Stropping



Need one-inch wide leather straps quick?  Up against the project deadline?  Back against the wall, do or die, love em or leave em, one for the gipper, and all that hooey?  Save time!  Pre-cut one-inch wide chocolate brown chrome tanned USA cattlehide strips/straps/bag handles, etc.  This stuff is 4 oz in thickness, which is 1/16th of an inch, so it’s not terribly sturdy.  You can join two layer with contact cement, press down hard, and now it’s sturdy.  What you’ll receive is a box of strappy pieces, random lengths, but we’ll be picky and choose pieces that are at least 16 inches long.  Clean leather, not many bumps nor bruises, so it’s usable.  Get one pound for $16, or 5 pounds for $50, or 10 pounds for $85, and yes, as you should know by now, USA shipping is free.  Roger that?