The Small Maine Hunting Boot Scrap


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Apparently there’s this old company here in Maine someplace and they’ve built themselves some sort of a reputation for selling only clothing, footwear, and outdoor stuff that will do what it’s supposed to do and will last a long time. Can’t recall their name right at the moment, but they’re one of those companies that makes it clear that “Made in Maine” is a title worth defending. So, what you’ve got right here is the scrap leather that’s leftover from making good, long-lasting outdoor boots. It’s a mix of shapes, most pieces smaller than your hand, in tan and dark brown, just sort of mixed together. Great for making small accessories or you can stuff this leather under your car seats to bring back that new car smell. Sure, it smelled like hunting boots when you first bought it, remember? Thickness on this leather is 5 to 6 oz (2.0 – 2.4mm) Hunting Boot Scrap 5 pounds for $35, 10 pounds for $60, 48-state USA shipping included. No piece will be larger than your hand with fingers outstretched.