Very Thin Deer Skivers White Tail Deer Hides



These are skivers that were cut from chrome tanned white tail deer hides This is USA deer leather. Chrome tanned, dyed white (dye penetrates all the way through the leather), but they look a little off-white to very light grayish in color. The leather thickness ranges from 1 to 3 oz (1/64″ to a little under 1/16 of an inch). Very, very soft. How soft? Like an old t-shirt that you can’t throw away because it still has that stain on it from that Kansas concert at the Hollywood Sportatorium. It’s special. We’re selling this leather by the pound – see the last photo in the slider? It shows one pound of pieces on our layout table (one-foot squares) Free USA shipping Deer Skiver 1 pound for $20 or get 10 pounds for $100