Black Lighter Weight USA Cattlehide Sides Embossed with FOUR Patterns



Black Lighter Weight USA Cattlehide Leather Sides Embossed with FOUR Patterns.  These are chromium tanned USA steer sides, vat dyed black, skived to 2.75 oz thickness, and all run in the 17-19 square foot range.  $75 each includes shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States (AK, HI, and the Territories too if you don’t mind us folding your leather to fit in USPS boxes).  Choose your pattern: lizard, bison, Nevada, or Haircell (almost smooth) (Crocodile has sold out).  The photos show the patterns pretty well, but they fail to give you the proper impression of just how black this leather is.  Wicked dark and in Maine you have to drag that way out so it’s actually WICKED DAAAAAAAHHHHK.