Black Jacket Cattlehide Sides!


Textured Thin Black Leather Sides:  Good old Black Jacket – we’ve sold this leather since the beginning (1994), and we always like it. Nice texture on the surface, and just soft enough to wear after you’ve broken it in a bit. Tanned and finished in Brasil, this batch finally found its way upcountry to Maine. Sides run 16-18 sq ft and are priced at just $50 each, with free USA shipping (for locations outside of the 48 contiguous states your leather will be folded to fit in USPS boxes). Most of these have a hole in them somewhere – these are tannery sorting culls. Black Jacket is 2.5 oz thickness (1.0mm). Mellow temper, but it gets more mellow over time. Black Jacket Sides, all of these are in the 16-18 sq ft range; $50 each; USA shipping included. Yes, that means PR, GU, USVI – ships free to you too!