Black Oak or Tan Crazy Horse Sides



Rustic looking Crazy Horse Leather Hides for sale! Our NEW SHIPMENT of Crazy Horse is a rustic looking USA cattlehide leather that was chrome tanned and oil finished and waxed on the surface. Has good pull-up (turns lighter when you fold it, darkens again in a few minutes). and a waxy feeling surface to help resist moisture. Sides are above average in size, over 20 sq ft of total surface area. Thickness is 5.75 to 6 oz, which is about 1/10th of an inch, with a rather firm temper. Great for stand-up bags or rifle scabbards. Bottom line? This is a very outdoorsy leather. Good old Crazy Horse. On 27 Feb, 2019 we received a third shipment – this one is ‘Tan Crazy Horse’ and is just a shade lighter. Same price, same free 48-state USA shipping! 3rd and 4th photo show how the two shades look.
Black Oak or Tan Crazy Horse Sides, $125 each; or 5 sides for $600, or 10 sides for $1100 and yes, like always around this barn, 48-state USA shipping is included.