Camouflage Leather LARGE SIDES with Firm Temper – Quiver Leather!


Large sides of camouflage leather with firm temper; this is good leather for quivers, stand-up bags, shin guards (?!), or to glue to your canoe just before the start of waterfowl season next Fall.  These are chromium tanned USA cattlehide sides, with a camo-pattern film layer bonded to the surface.  Can’t peel it off and it won’t fall off.  Nice pattern will allow you to virtually vanish in the woods or at the paint ball park.  These sides run 3.5 oz in thickness (1.4 mm). firm temper, and all are larger than 20 square feet of total surface area.  About 8 feet long by 3.5 feet wide, but they’re more narrow toward the neck than they are at the other end, like a lot of us Americans these days.  Camouflage sides; $85 each, 48-state USA shipping included.  AK, HI, and the Territories too if you don’t mind us folding the leather to fit in USPS flat rate boxes.