Colorful Bag Leathers


Take your Pick

NEW LEATHERS HAVE ARRIVED! Here at BV we received a bumper crop shipment of regular temper colorful handbag leathers, all made on USA cattlehides and all tanning and finishing was done in the USA too! Originally intended to be used for handbag/purse production (yes, it came from that company), these are color sample runs that were left over after tannery selection. Sides (half of a cowhide each) are LARGE – all sides in this lot are over 20 square feet of surface area, and they’re thick; running 4.5-5.5 ounces (1.8-2.2mm), We had twelve colors available, but only a few left now. Left to right: Mustard, Royal, Orange, Blue Steel, Burgundy, Smoke Stack, Wedgewood, Lip Stick, Jade, Pink, and Cherry Red. The last photo shows Regular Red, Rosey Cheeks (pinkish red), Deep Burgundy, & black. Choose your colors, and don’t forget- these ship FREE to any USA address. If you’re in AK, HI, or the Territories your leather will be folded to fit in US Postal Service boxes. We’ve sold out of a few of these colors – check the pull-down menu to check current inventory, please.