Garment Grade Black Sides

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Another New Leather for Brettuns Village! A good utility leather: jet black, chromium tanned, super soft garment sides are about as rough as we’ve ever seen. Holes, scratches, fence marks, mesquite thorn marks, brands, and yet more scratches make this a leather that may not be useful to everyone. On the other hand, if you’re going for the ‘broken in’ or ‘worn out’ or ‘rustic as can be’ look then this is your leather right here. Sides run 18-23 sq ft, so we’re selling two sizes: Regular sides are under 20 sq ft, Large sides are over 20 sq ft. Regular: $65.00 Large: $75.00, and – well, you probably knew this already – FREE USA shipping. Sold AS-IS; no returns nor refunds on this stuff.