Lipstick: A Branded Pinkish Red Glossy Vegetable Tanned Side Leather that’s Firm



Lipstick! A branded pinkish red glossy vegetable tanned side leather that’s firm.  Thickness on this leather runs 5.5 to 6 oz, and the sides are either 19-20 sq ft or (we have two smaller ones) 14-15 sq ft.  Stand up bags, a long leather tube for rolling up large documents (OK, that’s a stretch), or any project that needs a firm leather.  Lobsterman’s boots that can be seen in heavy fog, for example.  Larger Lipstick sides are $85 each; the smaller ones are $65 each; 48-state USA shipping included.  Every side in this lot has a large brand on it – running irons, mostly, so you’ll lose about a square foot from each of these, and some have two brands.  Sold to the neighbor ranch, probably.