Clearance 1436 Metallic LARGE Cattlehide Leather Sides are Soft and Easy to See in Foggy Weather!



Might need your sunglasses for this one – Metallic LARGE cattlehide leather sides are soft and made for use as garments or maybe curtains.  They’re flashy, no two ways about it.  These run large- over 30 sq ft each, except the Blue Ice one, which is a mere 22 sq ft and priced accordingly ($100 flat).  Check the colors in the photos, please – left to right in the main photo:  Green on the left, then Pink, Red, Gold (sold), Blue Ice, and Royal.  These are $145 each, except for the smaller one as mentioned above.  This is starting to sound like an office memo so let’s end it right here.  Oh, one more thing – if the color you want isn’t in the drop down cart button, we sold it to someone else already.  They love it, by the way.  Sorry about that.