Quarry Light Gray Pull-Up USA Cattlehide Sides



Quarry Light Gray Pull-Up USA Cattlehide Sides.  This is our second batch of Quarry Pull Up, which is a nice,stone gray color. We should call this our third batch, because this group has two thicknesses for your consideration. It’s rustic and natural looking, but with a bit of sheen/gloss on the surface and boy oh boy is it smooth. Thickness on the thinner sides runs 2.5 ounces, or about 1.0mm. The heavier ones are 4.5 oz (1.8mm). Regular temper; this is not a soft leather. Sure is nice to look at, according to the Boys in the Barn. Quarry Pull-Up Sides, over 20 sq ft, $100 each; 48-State USA shipping included.