River Mud USA Cattlehide Sides


If you’ve been a customer for a while then you’ve seen River Mud before. It’s the same color as what’s stuck to your hip waders when you go duck hunting/bird watching up near Skowhegan on the Androscoggin River here in Maine. Chromium tanned, 3-3.25 oz thickness, which is just under a sixteenth of an inch, or, for you more worldy types, about 1.2 – 1.3 mm. Nice color, regular temper leather is from USA cattle. Just a slight bit of wax added during milling, so this will resist water to some extent.

River Mud Sides are all LARGER than 20 square feet, and we have them at $85 each; 48-State USA shipping included. If you don’t mind that we have to fold the leather we can ship via USPS to any location served by USPS.