Chocolate Brown 7 Ounce Chromium Tanned USA Cattlehide Sides Feel HEAVY!


7 Ounce Chocolate Brown Chromium Tanned USA Cattlehide Sides Run LARGE; each of these sides is in the 17-19 square feet of total surface area range.  Rather firm temper, so this is good for quivers, stand-up bags, desk tops, and anything else that requires a firm leather.  Nice dark chocolate color, smooth surface but not glossy nor plastic looking.  This is a sturdy leather that feels thick because it is thick.  That right there is yet another piece of literary sales support that has rarely been heard/seen/spoken/spewed in this great country.  7 Ounce Dark Chocolate Sides are $100 each, and please remember one more thing:  48-state USA shipping is free for this leather.