Very Thin Very Dark Navy Sides, Super Soft!


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Small batch of VERY dark navy blue sides, thin at 2-2.25 ounces per square foot (about 0.8mm), dyed all the way through, slightly glossy surface finish.  This is the leather you want to make long underwear out of so that it doesn’t pinch here nor there.  Good for garments, lining bags/shoes, covering odd shaped items (it stretches), or as a blanket.  Yup.

Regular sides run about 19.5 sq ft of surface area on average.  The smaller ones  are more like 16 sq ft.

When it arrives at your farm, and trust us on this, you’re going to holler, right out loud, “Them idiots up in Maine sent me black!”  No we didn’t.  You didn’t read the part about how the color is such a dark, dark navy that it looks black in low light.  Well, now you’ve read it and we’re on the same page.  It’s still going to look black though until you lug it outside on a sunny day.  The end.