Blunt Hand Sewing Needles in Three Sizes


Set of 5 blunt needles for hand stitching, choose Small, Medium, or large. Priced at $6 per set of 5.  The price includes postage to any USA location.  Large needles are 2-3/4″ long.  Medium = 2-3/16″ long.  Small = 2″ long.  The Large and Medium sizes work great with our waxed hand sewing thread (which you can find on the Thread page, conveniently).  Set of 5 Blunt Stitching Needles – $6, choose Large, Medium, or Small.  OK, the postage to get this to you at your USA address is now about $3.85, plus the price of the padded mailer we’re supposed to use, plus the cost of the needles from the Big Needle Factory, leaves, well, not a heck of a lot for dog food.  We ain’t getting rich off these things, but they’re here in case you need ’em.