Eyelet Setter Pair for setting large or small boot and shoe lacing eyelets

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Eyelet setters are very easy to use.  Punch a hole in the leather or fabric, stick the eyelet in, turn upside down (the leather, not you, although you could probably still set it that way, but then again your face would be all red and you’d have to try to explain just what you were doing upside down with a mallet in one hand so just forget about it), set one of these tools in the tube of the eyelet, and tap it.

Made right here in Lewiston, Maine, these setters are 4-3/16″ long and 9/16″ in diameter.
The small one is for setting most standard 3/16″ eyelets,
like our brass, antique brass, and hexagonal eyelets over in the Hardware section.