The BV Speedy Rivet Set – two sizes in two finishes – easy to set rapid rivets with tools included


Just $12 gets you this handy rapid rivet kit and the tools you’ll need are included (except for a mallet – that’s on you).  Kit contains 30 rivets in two sizes and two finishes, 120 rivet sets (1 post, one cap per set) in all.  Small rapid rivets are for stuff that’s about 1/8″ thick; the larger ones will reach up to 1/4″.  Nickel finish in two sizes, antique brass finish in two sizes.  Tools included are a hole punch and a rivet squisher, as we call it, or a setting tool if you need to formalize it.   Rapid Rivet Kit:  $12, USA shipping included.  NOTE:  The crummy plastic boxes these sets ship in will almost certainly be cracked when it arrives, so we’ll wrap some tape around it.  Just FYI.  Roger?  In Maine when we say ‘Roger’ it comes out sounding like Rah-Jah.