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Small Pieces of Leather for Crafts

We Don't Force you to Buy an Entire Cowhide!

Updated January 16, 2019

2x4 Inch Black Leather Nametags for USCG Flight Suits!

Custom cut leather name tags for sale
We also do custom shape cutting - just e-mail us to inquire about pricing!
As an example, these are leather name tags for USCG flight suits - if you watch 'Deadliest Catch'
you can see our leather tags on the USCG helicopter crew flight suits.  Go Coast Guard!
88 Cents each, $10.50 to ship up to 1000 tags to any USA address!

Leather Project Panels on SALE!

Leather Craft Panel-Palooza!

craft leather pieces for salecraft leather panels for salepieces of leather for sale
metallic leather for saleembossed leather pieces for salesmall pieces of leather for sale
For some leather craft projects you just flat out don't need a big honkin piece of leather.  Brettuns Village just received a bumper crop of
8.5 x 11-inch craft panels (same size as notebook paper - remember?), and they're CURRENTLY available in two categories:  Choose Earthones or colors, or we can mix them up for you if you'd like.  Use the drop down menu, please, to make your selection.
Random selection from the category you choose - no returns on this item.  Sets of 10 panels, USA shipping included, are just $25.00!
These are all chromium tanned cattlehide, with thicknesses ranging from 2 oz to 8 oz, with most being right around 4 to 5 oz (1.6 to 2.0 mm)
These will have a label or writing on the back - these were working samples at tanneries around the globe.

Your choice

Our Standard Leathers, Sold in 12x12 Inch Pieces
Price includes shipping to any USA address!
one square foot of leather for salenice leather sold by the square footI want to buy one piece of leatherveg tan leather by the square foot
OK, so maybe you don't need to buy a full hide for your project.  Can you get all the parts/pieces of leather you need out of a square foot?
We've got you covered, Bubba.  One square foot of leather, and you can choose which leather you buy from the drop-down menu.  We have
Peanut Butter Brown 6 oz, Dark Brown 6 oz, Black 3 oz, Snowboard White 2.75 oz, Chaparral reddish brown 4 oz, WigWam 5 oz, Medium Brown 5 oz or 6 oz Veg Tan (tooling leather)
Take your pick - $12 for one piece that measures 12 x 12 inches, USA shipping included.  If you see some other leather on our site and want to buy
just a square foot of it, e-mail us and we'll be glad to help.

Your choice
purchase leather one square foot of leather at a time

Mixed Swatches, Sold by the Pound

assorted colors of leather pieces for sale by the poundcolorful craft leather pieces for sale by the pound
This is a mixture of leather panels, from about the size of a playing card up to about the size of a sheet of notebook paper.
Random assortment of small and larger pieces, mixed colors, you get what you get and that's that, Jack.  OK, if you want to provide some
general guidance we'll do our best, but no returns on this item.  All chromium tanned, all finished leathers, mostly cowhide.
Mixed Swatches, $15 for one pound, USA shipping included, or get 5 pounds for $70.00, USA shipping included.

Set of 10 panels, mostly garment or bag leathers, in charcoal, gray, and black  Panel Set 6  $65 USA shipping included.

Set of 8 panels, earthtones, with rough patterns on them (intentionally). This is your zombie skin leather right here. Panel Set 8  $65 USA shipping included.