This page is where we list larger lots of leather or hardware  - we stock certain items in large quantities and are able to offer stocklot pricing to our business customers.
Leathers shown on this page are sold as described, which means as-is.

The leather types shown here are available on an on-going basis in the same colors and thicknesses shown.
If you have any questions about whether these leathers will meet your requirements; feel free to inquire by e-mail.

SAMPLES of any of these items are availabe to business customers only.  Please fax your sample request on company letterhead to:
FAX 1-207-782-7448

Phone:  Orders Only, please:  1-207-782-7863

Snap Hasps or Tuck Locks
Snap Hasps, Tuck Locks, for cases or pursesSnap Hasps, Tuck Locks, for cases or purses
These are 1-inch snap hasps (also known as tuck locks) that can be attached to your case with screws, rivets, or nails.  Nickel-plated steel.
1,000 clasps (1000 male, 1000 female parts) for $200 

This price includes shipping to any USA location
1-Inch Brass Plated Steel D-Rings
Brass D-RingsBrass D Rings on sale
These are brass-plated steel d-rings made to fit on 1-inch straps.  They are open-eyed, which means they aren't welded shut.
The metal is about 1/8" in diameter, which is pretty heavy duty, so it takes quite a bit of pressure to open these up.  In other words, they're very good quality d-rings.
 1" D-Rings  RNG105
Case of 4,000 for $250 

This price includes shipping to any USA location

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