Metal Name Tags or ID Plates
For collars, saddles, wrist bands, etc.
Golf Ball Markers

id plates for dog collarsid plates for collars and belts
Only DEC-910 left in stock, as shown on the right
These name tags are nickel-plated steel and can be engraved (by you, not by us).  Just right for dog and cat collars, or for wrist bands, or saddles, or anything else
that needs a name tag riveted to it.  Choose either size:
DEC 910 are the smaller ones, suitable for cats or little yip-yap dogs
DEC-911 SOLD OUT!DEC911 are larger, good for your dog, their dog, or That Dog.
$5 per 10 pack.

dog collar id tags

We sell rivets here
we sell buckles for pet collars here

Golf Ball Markers

golf ball markersgolf ball markers in brass
(Whisper this to yourself in a very low voice:)  These little discs have a post on the back so that you can press it into the ground and pick up your ball while you're waiting for Jack to make his putt.
Come on, this guy takes forever.  Just putt already.  He's so slow that you've got plenty of time to whip out your leather tools and custom
tool a little disc of veg tan leather.  Your initials, an oak leaf, and little border around the edge.  Some superglue, press it on, and you're all set.
PUTT ALREADY!!!!  Oh well.  If you purchase a 5/8" arch punch your discs will be just the right size to glue on top of these dealy boppers.
Golf Ball Markers  DEC866  Pack of 25 for $10 flat, USA shipping included.

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