Swivel Snaps or Snap Hooks or Leash Hooks

or Square Hooks or Round Hooks or Whatever You Want to Call Them

Swivel snaps come in handy if you want to try making your own dog leash, or cat leash, or maybe a ferret leash, keeping in mind that your ferret can bite through the leather leash
almost as fast as it bit through your cousin Lenny's thumb when he grabbed that beast with a little too much gusto.
Go back and read Outside magazine's 10th Anniversary Issue if you have any doubts about a ferret's ability to bite through things.
And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming - these swivel snaps or whatever you want to call them are nickel-plated zinc, very shiny silver color,
and are available here in the sizes listed below.  The sizes we state here are the size of the strap that would fit through the ring.   In other words, in case that was moving a little too fast for you, if we
call it a one-inch snap that means it's made to fit on a 1-inch wide straps.  Very sturdy.  Sold by the piece or per ten.  If you need more just holler.  All prices include free shipping to any USA location

large leash snap hooks
SNP501 fits 1.5" straps
SNP502 fits 1" straps
SNP503 fits 3/4" straps SOLD OUT
dog leash snaps for sale free shipping


medium leash snap hooks
SNP504, SNP505, and SNP506 all are made to fit 1/2" straps
Sold out of SNP504


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Swivel Lanyard Clips
swivel lanyard clips for sale
Sometimes when you're all caught up in a clipping frenzy you may realize that you need, what you really, truly, need,
are clips with a swivel built into the middle of them.  Here they are, Jasper.  These are spring steel, nickel plated, 2-3/4" long overall.
We sell them in packs of 10 for $5.00.  This price, like all of our prices, includes shipping to any location in the 48 contiguous states.
We'll toss in AK and HI for these, since they can go first class mail.
Swivel Lanyard Clips   SNP515   10 for $5 or 100 for $40

Carabiner Clips
carabiner clips for salelarge carabiner clips
Known as carabiners, Perko clips, climbing clips, etc.  Very strong, rated to hold up to 2,300 pounds.
These are made of steel, nickel plated, 3 and 1/8" long overall.
Prices shown below include shipping to any location in the 48 contiguous states.  We'll toss in AK and HI for these, since they can go first class mail.
The specs:  Snap Opening: 3/8in (9.525 mm)   Eye Size : 7/16 inch   Length overall: 3 1/8 inches (7.93 cm)   Diameter: 5/16 inch
Material: USA SAE 1050 Spring Steel (Euronorm C50E, Germany CK45/C45, UK CS50)
We don't have any test data for strength on these, so buy them only for decorative or light duty use.
SNP-516 1 for $4    10 for $20    50 for $70
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Double Ring Swivels
double swivel rings for sale, leash rings
Small double rings work well in the middle of a dog leash for when that little rat of a dog that looked so cute at the pet store starts winding him/herself around and around.
You can just stand their and let it spin - with this swivel installed mid-leash what do you care if Pookie spins into butter, just like that tiger that chased the kid around the tree?
These are nickel-plated steel double swivel rings, about 1.25" long overall, 1/2 inside diameter.  Packs of 10 for $8.00, USA shipping included.

Lobster Claw Snap Hooks, Nickel Plated
purse strap snap locks for salePurse strap hardware wholesale pricing
Small 'lobster claw' snap hooks for smaller pure straps or binocular cases or your lunchbox or a leash for your smaller dog or whatever else you can think up.
Sized for straps that are 1/4" to 3/8" wide.  Easy to open with your thumb.  These are nickel-plated steel double swivel rings, about 1.25" long overall, 1/2 inside diameter.
Packs of 10 for $8.00, USA shipping included.  SNP-518

All Prices Include Continental USA Shipping!  AK and HI are just a little more - send an e-mail to inquire.
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