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Updated September 14, 2017

thick natural tanned leather hides for saleleather bull hides for salesunrise wigwam leather hides for sale
Our latest tannery creation - Sunrise WigWam Bullhide Heavy Weight Double Shoulders.  Yes, the name is too long - we thought about just using an acronym:
SWBHWDS - you know, SwibHewds.  Maybe not - doesn't sound quite the same.  This leather (back to our regularly scheduled sales pitch now) is chromium tanned, vegetable re-tanned,
and finished here in the USA on USA heavy bull hides.  Tanned on double shoulders, which is basically the front half of the bull (not the end that produces politcal speeches),
These are all in the 10-11 sq ft range.  Regular temper leather - not too firm, not too soft.  5 oz in thickness.  $90 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

Smooth burgundy Leather Hides for salesmooth desktop leather hides on saleLeather hides for making quivers for sale
These excellent, deep, dark, rich burgundy chrome tanned double shoulders are from USA cattle and run 3.5 to 4 oz in thickness (1.4 to 1.6 mm).
Burgundy Double Shoulders run about 13-14 sq ft of surface area.  This is a smooth surfaced leather, and it has been compressed a bit to help it
stand up to uses like desk tops, boot shafts, stand-up bags, etc.  Firm temper.  Glossy surface, with excellent coloring.
Burgundy Smooth Double Shoulders:  $90 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

Chaparral Brown Double Shoulders
Available in two sizes
brown leather hides for salemedium brown leather hides for sale
natural brown leather hides for salebrown leather hides for sale
Here's a new leather that we've put together with one of the industry's most experienced tanners.  Chaparral (as in High Chaparral which was
a TV show that you're familiar with as long as you're at least as old as the Boss Man here at BV) (pretty old) (in fact, older than dirt).
Chaparral is a rich reddish-brown color on the surface, regular temper (not soft), and will make good boot tops or hand bags or quivers.
Available in either 3-3.5 oz thickness (about 1.2mm).  These are available in two sizes - the smaller ones are under 9 sq ft and are priced at $70 each,
48-state USA shipping included.  Larger Double shoulders are all over 9 sq ft and are priced at $80 each, 48-state USA shipping included.
So, choose large or small, and those Boys Out Back will ship it right over to your farm from ours.
Please keep in mind that if you live in HI or AK or the Territories you can get free
shipping too if you don't mind us folding the leather to fit in USPS boxes!

Sunset Cowhide Double Shoulders
latigo shoulders for salelatigo shoulders for salelatigo shoulders for sale
Our Sunset double shoulders are an orangey-tan color, matte finish, with a nice hand.
Shoulders run 12-14 sq ft and are a solid 5-5.5 oz in thickness.   $85 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

These pictures show Medium Brown and Sunset double shoulders together to help you guage the colors.
In each of these photos Med Brown is on the left, Sunset on the right.
brown leather hides wholesalebrown leather hides wholesalebrown leather hides wholesale

Medium Brown Cowhide Double Shoulders

Hey there, cowboy - you looking for a regular temper 5-5.5 oz chromium tanned shoulder leather?  Here it is -
this is our new batch of Medium Brown Double Shoulder leather - made on first quality USA cattlehide double shoulders,
Shoulders run 12-14 sq ft and are a solid 5-5.5 oz in thickness.   $85 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

Chocolate Shoulders, 3.5 oz
Chocolate brown leather hidesLeather hides, double shoulders, brownChocolate brown cowhide leather
These cowhide double shoulders average around 12 to 15 sq ft of surface area each, and are 3.5 oz in thickness (1.4 mm).  Regular temper leather is
not too soft, not too stiff.  Chromium tanned but this leather can be tooled.  Milk chocolate color darkens nicely with age, or speed things up a bit by
rubbing in some saddle soap, neatsfoot oil, or stain/dye.  Think of this leather like a piece of wood - it's just waiting for you to decide how you want to finish it.
Chocolate Shoulders  $75 each, 48-state shipping included.

Old Hickory Latigo Double Cowhide Shoulders, 4.5-5 oz
Hickory brown leather hidesLeather hides, double shoulders, natural brownReddish brown cowhide leather
These large latigo cowhide double shoulders are retanned (chromium tanned first, then vegetable oil re-tanned).
These run LARGE - average surface area is 15 to 18 sq ft of surface area each.
4.5 to 5 oz in thickness (2.0 mm).  Regular temper leather is not too soft, not too stiff.
Smooth surface, and the backside of the leather has been drum sanded to even it out.
Larger Old Hickory Double Shoulders  $110.00 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

Incredibly Well Made!!
Black leather hides embossed with a crocodile pattern
These chrome-tanned double shoulders are basically the front end of a full cowhide, running about 10 sq ft of surface area each.
These have been embossed with a very detailed crocodile/alligator pattern that's very convincing.
Thickness on these embossed shoulders is 4.5 to 5 oz (1.8 to 2.0 mm), also known as H thickness.
Lots of fine detail in the pattern.  Regular temper.  Black Croc Shoulders, $80 each, 48-state USA shipping included.
crocoldile embossed hides wholesale

Clearance sale on leather hides

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