Black Goat Leather Hides for Small Leather Craft Projects


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$25 each, USA shipping included

NEW SHIPMENT: Black goat leather hides suitable for heavier garments, as these are a bit on the thick side. Still soft, but they run about 3.5 oz in thickness.  Hides run about 4 sq ft of surface area, and are priced at $25 each, USA shipping included.  This is a struck-through leather, which means the dye penetrates all the way through the leather; there’s no whitish line showing on your cut edges.  These have not been grain corrected – any old bug bites, fence scratches, range marks will show on the surface, which we think looks natural, rustic, and cool.  Buy more, and guess what?  The price per hide drops.  5 Hides for $100, or 10 hides for $190, and again, USA shipping is free.