Very Soft Milled USA Whitetail Deer Hides, Chromium Tanned, 8-10 Square Feet, 2.5 oz – Great Garment Leather


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Very soft milled USA whitetail deer hides, chromium tanned, 8-10 square feet – and thickness is only 2.5 oz or 1.0 mm – great garment leather.  These are from Pennsylvania and New York State, tanned and finished here in the USA too.  We have these sorted into two lots – you can choose skins with bullet holes for $30 each, or no holes (or maybe a small one near the edge of the hide, less than 1/2″ in diameter) for $40 each, and check out the drop down pricing menu – save a few bucks (bad deer joke) if you order a set of 5 of either variety.