Burnt Orange Felted Chamois Hides


Take your Pick

Every day we get requests for Burnt Orange Soft Goat Chamois hides. OK, no we don’t. Brother, let me tell you we surely wished that were the case when we opened our latest shipment of small hides. Now we’ve got about 42-Bobzillion of them, so what better way to lighten the load than to drop the price? Seems about right, doesn’t it? Knew you’d agree.  These are soft, about 4 oz in thickness, and the color of tomato soup (when you mix in a can of milk, not water), or burnt orange-ish, with some darker ones mixed in here and there. These run about 3 sq ft each, smaller panels are thrown in for free. ALL of these will have a hole in them somewhere.  Priced at $20 each, or 10 for $175, or 25 for $350, and, per usual around this old barn, we sell our leather with FREE USA SHIPPING