Gold Sheep Hides, Tanned to Look Like Deer, Large, Medium, or Small Skins



These are super soft sheep skins that have been vat dyed a beautiful golden yellow, so they look like smoke tanned deer.  Useful for many types of crafts, and available in a range of sizes:

Small skins (4 to 6 square feet) are $20 each

Medium skins run 6 to 7 sq ft and are $25 each

LargeMedium are 8 to 10 sq ft hides for $30 each

Large, over 10 sq ft, are $35.


Thickness is 3 oz, or 1.2 mm.  Very soft/mellow.  All of these sizes ship free to any USA address.  Need ten or more?  Just e-mail us at [email protected] to request pricing.