Vegetable Tanned and FELTED Goat Hides, Large or Small Size Available



Vegetable tanned and FELTED goat hides, large or small size available.  These are vegetable tanned and then heated while still in the oil so that the fibers plump up – it’s a thick, felted leather.  The smaller ones run about 4 square feet; larger ones are 6-7 sq ft, and thickness is about 8-9 oz.  Please look at the photos – these hides have lots of skinning/fleshing knife marks, so someone, and we’re not mentioning any names here, is better at sharpening their knife than they are at using it.  Regular temper leather, thick, veg tan.  That about does it.  Small ones are $24 each, large ones are $30 each, and both prices include USA shipping.