Leather Sole Bends and Double Butts For Sale
Hard Leather for Shoe Soles

Updated September 14, 2017

Dark Brown Floor Tile
Sole Bends - VERY FIRM!

very firm sole bends for saleshoe sole leather for salevery firm leather hides for sale
So, you say you're looking for a firm leather in a nice, rustic shade?  This is your leather, cowboy.
Vegetable tanned to be made into hard leather goods, like floor tiles or shoe soles, these special bends are about
9 sq ft in surface area (about 2 feet wide by 4 feet long, give or take) and 8 to 9 oz in thickness.  Our guys say they get a good workout when they wrestle
one of these into a box.  Too bad.  Stop whining.  Dark brown color is a western looking shade.
These were stored in a pile andd the surface will have some scratches.  Most buff out, some may require a bit of stain or polish.
Dark Brown Sole Bends  $95 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

sole bends dark brown

North of Cordovan
Vegetable Tanned, Hard Rolled
hard rolled vegetable tanned horse hip strip leather for saleNorth of Cordovan leather for sale, horse hideveg tan belting leather
Here's our new shipment of our very popular North of Cordovan leather.  These are vegetable tanned horse leather, hip strips taken from across the horse's hips.
True shell cordovan is, well, OK, so here goes - it's the butt cheeks of the horse.  These strips come from just above that, so we've always called it
North of Cordovan.  This is a firm leather that has very little stretch.  Popular for making straps and belts.  These strips have been compressed (called 'hard rolled')
at the tannery to make the leather more firm.  Yes, it's veg tanned, but no, you can't tool or stamp it.  Woodburner? Yes, that works.  Each strip is about 5 to 5.5 feet long,
and they vary in width from as wide as your hand up to about a foot or so.  $50 each, or get 3 strips for $125, and, as always, USA shipping is included.


Black Haircell Embossed Sole Bends
Chromium Tanned, Firm Leather
black sole bend leather for sale black firm leather hides on sale haircell leather
This is a new shipment of black bends; each about 2 feet and a few inches wide, by about 4 feet and a few inches long. USA cattlehide that's been chrome tanned.
Surface is very scratch resistant as this leather was designed to be used in military and work boots. Thickness is 5 oz and very consistent across each bend.
Average square footage is running 10 to 11. We have these priced at TWO bends for $60 flat, 48-state USA shipping included.

Leather Hides on Sale

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