Leather Sole Bends and Double Butts For Sale

Hard Leather for Shoe Soles

Updated April 11, 2018

Dark Brown Floor Tile Sole Bends - VERY FIRM

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So, you say you're looking for a firm leather in a nice, rustic shade?  This is your leather, cowboy.
Vegetable tanned to be made into hard leather goods, like floor tiles or shoe soles, these special bends are about
9 sq ft in surface area (about 2 feet wide by 4 feet long, give or take) and 8 to 9 oz in thickness.  Our guys say they get a good workout when they wrestle
one of these into a box.  Too bad.  Stop whining.  Dark brown color is a western looking shade.
These were stored in a pile andd the surface will have some scratches.  Most buff out, some may require a bit of stain or polish.
Dark Brown Sole Bends  $95 each, 48-state USA shipping included.

sole bends dark brown

Black Haircell Embossed Sole Bends

Chromium Tanned, Firm Leather

black sole bend leather for sale black firm leather hides on sale haircell leather
This is a new shipment of black bends; each about 2 feet and a few inches wide, by about 4 feet and a few inches long. USA cattlehide that's been chrome tanned.
Surface is very scratch resistant as this leather was designed to be used in military and work boots. Thickness is 5 oz and very consistent across each bend.
Average square footage is running 10 to 11. We have these priced at TWO bends for $60 flat, 48-state USA shipping included.