Vegetable Tanned Goat Hides – Two Sizes!


Large or Small?

These are vegetable tanned goat hides that were tannery sorted into the ‘Large’ pile.  The larger hides run about 6-7 sq ft of total surface area, with thickness in the 3-5 oz range (1.2-2.0mm).  Smaller hides are 3-5 sq ft.  Regular temper; not stiff like some veg tans.  These are good for wet forming, wood burning, dying, painting, or just get out your permanent magic markers and turn yourself loose on it.  Large Hides are $50 each; Small hides are $30 each, and these prices include shipping to any USA address.  Save money – buy more!  See the cart button for discounts on sets of 3 or 10 hides.  These prices aren’t bad.  Oh, wait.  It’s goat, so they’re not baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  Ouch.  That one actually hurt.