Vegetable Tanned Sheep and Goat Skiver Hides!


It's up to you


Here for your crafting pleasure, we continue on our quest to get leather out of our warehouse and into your workshop…and because you don’t always need pricey leather, Brettuns Village is pleased to offer you yet another leather bargain here on our site.
These are vegetable tanned sheep and goat hides (mixed) from the other side of the planet, and these hides have been split. That means the top grain leather is somewhere else now – maybe in someone’s new leather blazer, or on their head as a fashionable leather hat, or maybe it’s a hand bag. Great, we’re all happy for the top grain. So now we’ve got these, called ‘skiver backs’ (rhymes with ‘diver sacks’); thickness across each side will vary from 2 oz to 4.5 oz. They run about 3-5 sq ft of total surface area each, mellow temper.
Not everyone has a use for this stuff, we understand that. But, if you have a use for it, here’s a stock-up deal: $10 for one hide, $25 for 3 hides, $100 for 20 hides, all with FREE USA shipping!
Lines on the table are square feet. Many of these look pretty good, complete hides, sort of a nubuck texture. No returns, exchanges, nor refunds on this stuff – sold as-is!